Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Crinkled words on crinkled paper

I recently found this scribbled on the back of a sheet of paper, buried in a pile on my desk. I don't know what I think of it. Still pretty crinkled, for sure, but maybe something to salvage.

Blak Fiyer on Jennettek Fiyer

We ar the holee riets ov Uddoniy.
Hem riet us in twisten lienz ov karben grammerz,
So unlike the werdenz frum us tokken sperets,
     Grammerz so innert an fixt.
The Divvine werd ar liv a chaenjen,
Evolver sowndenz in reflekt uppon themsel.

I iz a werd it tranzform its oen meen
Tu a hiyer levelz or mor frakterd korz.
I am a fraze, I kan begin in a kursen
And end in a blesser a praer.
I wuz wuns an iddeyum, heer missunderstanden,
And thare, inkomprehensel. Pure verben.

I am wuz the riten by a Divvine Hand
That will forj a nu helix in the hiperleenken Torah.

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