Saturday, November 10, 2007

A difficult vision to bring back to earth, but here's my best attempt so far. Your feedback, as always, will be greatly appreciated.

Skechez for a Therd Tempel

     In the time ov Barrakhu* this iz the seen,
               * Jewish liturgy: the call to prayer

          (But in lower ellevvatenz the gaets ar rare tu glimps
          And the inner koryardz ar oenlee a mith).

The Rume a Merakkelz! All hevvenz reveel.
The Seel konformz, owter an inner,
     Az Addom benden the Miend intu spase.
The iy seez and deklaerz, “Holee!”
Time and spase but shaddo dimmenshen.
“This iz the day ov the Lor. It iz awsum.”

Ware thay dru wotter in the Ferstee Tempel
Now the wotterz por itself forth.
Yu will proffessiy and say, “Marbel. Marvel.”*
               * See BT Hagiga 14B

All the seengerz and all the luvverz
And all the prayerz and all the weeperz
And all the mumblerz and all the grumblerz
And all the kerserz, all ar holee.

Arrownden this holee a holeez ar ruemz
Full ov the arts and Torrahz ov the werldz.
     Here the thot iz being klarafyd.
     Here the sens ar being fokust.
     The saejez ar a spoken. Assend the werd
     Frum owwer unknowen we aspiyer a God.