Friday, June 27, 2008

C and the horizons of time, II.

Continuing with the series begun on 6/24, here is the second moment of

Aenjelman Dreemz

II. Innonna on Sunset
Wen I kaem tu the wouman in her plezher plase,
All mithen she wer, all Ishtar tu be.
If shame she knu and berth she knu,
The trueth, dizzolvz in the nervee shellz.
Or a siy in the thunderen starree millz.

I spake tu her in her hottee despaer,
"Du yu kno yu ar not the bride* ov the Lor?"
               *utherz say: chozen
And, "Thaze that prae tu yu ar no mor!"
"Yu," she sooth say, "I will yet seddues!"
Braken klae tabelz ar all that remaen
Waer the goddess clasht with the Inneffabel Rime.

Long I waet uppon Babballonz mownd.
The heet, the starz, and the wind a howl.
Come down, and sit in the dust,
               O virgin daughter of Babylon,
               sit on the ground; there is no throne...
               your nakedness shall be uncovered,
               your shame shall be seen.
               Yesheyahhu 47:1,3

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

C and the horizons of time

Aenjelman Dreemz

I wuz a dreem I wuz an aenjel;
I wuz ov them hu kan step owtside a time.
I wok thoze hi ramparts arrown my Lor,
Hem Tempel wallz, the eternel dwellenz,
Seeking the holeez in the addom shellenz.

I. Kall me Eve
Wen I kaem tu the wouman in her garden a faeth,
All godstuff she iz, a perfekten a form.
Befor she knu shame and the *layerz a trueth*
               ** utherz say: bitterz ov berth
I spoke tu her. Such an eeger yueth.
I sed, “Du yu kno yu ar naked in yur Lor?”
And “Du yu long tu expere a truwer werd?”
“Serpent,” she kalld me. The Lor kaem down
Tu punnish me, but she fled her grownd.
Tu retern she must enter my eternatteez ov lite.
Long, long I waet till she konker her frite.
               “The man and woman hid themselves from God...
               Beraysheet, 3:8