Friday, April 15, 2011

Wallpaper project

In our ongoing upgrade of our Washington row house, we did a little make-over on the pantry: painting the cabinets (which were an incredibly drab, exposed wood) and wallpapering the walls with a William Morris pattern. This little room, a bit over 100 square feet, as I recall, was a bear to wallpaper, with its skinny strips and numerous moulding and angled-wall cuts. Maybe 15-20 hours of work! And $350 for the wallpaper and supplies. Had we painted it: 2 hours max, and a little over a quart of paint. Ah, but what a difference!

Here are a couple of pics.
East wall, illuminated, taken from foyer.

East wall, unlit, taken from foyer.

East wall, from kitchen, looking into foyer.

North and west, from foyer.

Another north and west, from foyer.