Friday, September 14, 2007

Remembrances from lives past, 4

Continuing in this series, this excerpt from Sketch the Eighth: a letter to friends back in Provincetown.

Summer '83, on the road in Turkey and elsewhere.
...And to Beachcombers in Provincetown, Wellfleet, Beach Point, and places far flung and far fetched, you wanderers, outcasts, mindless laborers, sailors who have taken one too many voyages, and you who stare in wonder or terror at the changes that swirl around you:
Hail! As you eat your steak and potatoes, and smoke your various plant-stuffs, and imbibe your murky liquors and your clear ones, consider us in foreign lands, wandering on strange and rocky beaches; following muddy alleys till they end in ruins or in ancient monuments; no more at home here than anywhere, and no more lost, either; sharing our meals with hobos who know no English. Remember: a cup of liquor is only a cup of liquor, but a moment of pleasure is always a moment of pleasure....

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