Tuesday, June 24, 2008

C and the horizons of time

Aenjelman Dreemz

I wuz a dreem I wuz an aenjel;
I wuz ov them hu kan step owtside a time.
I wok thoze hi ramparts arrown my Lor,
Hem Tempel wallz, the eternel dwellenz,
Seeking the holeez in the addom shellenz.

I. Kall me Eve
Wen I kaem tu the wouman in her garden a faeth,
All godstuff she iz, a perfekten a form.
Befor she knu shame and the *layerz a trueth*
               ** utherz say: bitterz ov berth
I spoke tu her. Such an eeger yueth.
I sed, “Du yu kno yu ar naked in yur Lor?”
And “Du yu long tu expere a truwer werd?”
“Serpent,” she kalld me. The Lor kaem down
Tu punnish me, but she fled her grownd.
Tu retern she must enter my eternatteez ov lite.
Long, long I waet till she konker her frite.
               “The man and woman hid themselves from God...
               Beraysheet, 3:8

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