Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oh furies, be gone!

This came to me at the beginning of Nishmat, when all the earth breathes blessings. Thus the name.

                    Shabbat Va-ayra, 5769

A grate wind bloez thru the waest
     And its empteness trumpets forth in twisting tune.
A grate winding rumbelz up from eruding kanyenz
     An rivverz froth in twisten toenz.

A grate, a tarabbel, unknowabbel thunder
     Rumbelz owt ov the blou ov sky
     Intu the blu ov wotterz
     Froth and faeth and fakt and feer
     In the shaddo fasez ov a vast throng.

A wind ishewz forth
     And the flutterree wingz ov a moth,
     A faent mosketo droning,
     A krikket plaez hiz fiddel.

The wind koyelz thru forrest.
     The shudder ov waxxen leevz,
     And kreeking ov aking branchen,
     The snapping and krakking ov brittel ewkalliptus.

A great wind, peeling and pulsen
     In the furious roerz ov vellossarrapter,
     In the futile wael ov a taper in tar pit,
     The eeree whining ov a kaejd liyon.

O how reched a wind doth blo
     Kriez the master Willem and hiz fool, hiz Soel;
A terrible thunder on eternal deeps
     Echoez in Ulro thru the Proffet Blake;
O orbs, with joy ar yu enkrownd.
     And seeng yu Persee, Promeetheyus, unbownd.

Peel and appeel akross the vaelz
Frum mownten tu feeld tu replying klefs,
     Till the addem shivverz in magnetto traelz,
     And kwarks in waverree kullerz blaez,
     And the hiper dimmenshenning streengz sizzel.

O, yu wikked windz, yu waywerd gusts
     Berthing owt skwalled Sammolyen chielz,
     Wimpering with widdoez ov unholee wor,
     The drug slerd devaz ov Holleewoud.

O how the wind, it breethz and we breeth
     Thru the tite twisten koyelz ov a kool kornet,
     The reedee rumbelz ov a humming bassoon,
     The vibraddo shimmerz ov the viyolin streeng.

O awsum, o farsum, o feersum windz
     That bend and brake
     And fray and rend,
     And kerl in storm,
     And krash on owwer shor,

Play me sweetlee, play me softlee,
     Yu kno I am ezallee braken and week.
     So play me in bewtafful, intoxxing toenz,
     Yu hu play my puls, play solas and hope.

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