Monday, March 23, 2009

Waeting for the Don

I lie awwake in darkness, tiemless.
The song uv a berd, like a breef stanza,
     And then a retern tu silens.

I am in the Pallas.
Faent liets flikker down mennee kerving hallz,
     But reelee, I am not serten....

Konstant dowt.
My iyz attune tu such suttel chaenjez
     In shaddoez, in silensez.

But reelee, du I kno enneething?
My feengerz gro numm in the darkness,
     Feeling my way allong koeld wallz.

I take a step.I stand.
     I slolee konsidder.

Now it iz Dawn.
A sharp hunger,
     But thare iz no food...

Moeshenless the klowdz, az my thots.
The sun this moment rizez abbuv horizen,
     Porz its lite in my windo.
          But this iz not the lite that will help me see.

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