Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aternen Jew: reading 2 video, redone

On Sept 5 I posted my latest video montage of me reading from my poem The Atternen Jewz Talen. In this post I am embedding a revised version of the video, in which I used more professional video editing software to sharpen and clean up the effects.

About the video:
The visual component of the video is composed of classic art (which I have manipulated) to represent the story. It seems the use of historic art to tell, or retell a story, has rarely been done. Odd, eh? Jon Avnet, in The Uprising uses some important historical photos of the Warsaw Ghetto to construct some scenes. I'm sure other films have done the same, but I'm not privy. And then there's my favorite Simpsons episode, which integrates some impressionist paintings into Bart's deportation to France. Can you think of any other examples?

Here's the new version of The Atternen Jewz Talen, Reading 2, Take 2.

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