Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cover to my new ebook, The Atternen Jewz Talen, Era 1

And here's a brief summary:
This book contains the opening pages of the diaries of the Eternal Jew (aka the Wandering Jew). In the opening scene he describes Jerusalem in his youth, as it was in 30 CE. He then recounts his meeting with a revolutionary named Jesus. Realizing he has left out some critical information, he turns back to the origins of humanity, telling what he knows about those early days.

This is not the Eternal Jew you might have heard about from unreliable or hate-mongering sources. He is a wise and engaging fellow, proudly Jewish, with a biting wit, and a wry but mystical view of worldly events and his place in them.

The story is told in two versions. The original text is an altered English where words and ideas morph, one into another, using a strictly phonetic spelling. To help the reader, however, a translation into standard English follows each stanza. As a further help, each stanza is followed by an embedded reading, so one can listen to the story, and read along at the same time.

The story is further enriched by beautiful graphics, and selected scans taken directly from the author's notebooks. The final chapter of the book is a collection of useful source material and links for further study and exploration.

Copyright info:
Text Copyright © 2012 for Stephen M. Berer
Audio Copyright © 2012 for Stephen M. Berer
Colorized images Copyright © 2012 for Stephen M. Berer

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