Thursday, February 09, 2012

2 new ebooks of my writings

I have been working with a cloud-software package called Vook, now in beta (and very nice to use) to produce two short ebooks (about 30 pages each).

The first is the opening scenes of The Atternen Jewz Talen, Era 1. The text is presented in both stevespell and normspell, stanza by stanza. Also, each stanza is followed by an embedded audio file, giving a reading of the stanza. If you hear it as you read along, I think you'll be amazed that the text is really quite accessible, in spite of appearances.

Here's the book's cover:
The second book is A Pilgrimmage Tu Jerusalem, Fragment of a letter from a pilgrim tu his rebbe. This is an amazing text I discovered many years ago. I won't say much about it here, except that it's a letter I found, and compared to my poetry, it's easy reading. Here's the cover image from the book:

Both books are also liberally, and dare I posit, attractively illustrated. I think they're very beautiful books to look at and to read. We are in the midst of a Gutenberg transition in the nature of books, and while I have heard many people bemoan the demise of the physical book -- its beauty, its art, its texture, its feel and smell -- and while I too am in love with physical books (having written, calligraphed, printed, bound, and conserved them over the years), the ebook is a great new adventure in books and reading. And I hope to keep my own ebooks at the forward edge of the art, rich in ideas, beauty and utility.

Contact me if you'd like an epub version, readable on iPads, Nooks, or with Calibre and other software packages on your computer. My email address is in the right margin of this blog, just below the "About Me" text.

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