Friday, May 04, 2012

Restoring the color of the past, 2

In late March of this year, I posted an image recovered from my wife's slide archive, showing the Sultan Beyazit Cami (mosque) in Amasya. I then showed my progressive restoration of the image. (Well, really, some may argue it was not restoration so much as transformation, re-creation.)

Below are a few more notable images recently digitized and then restored/transformed by me. Some or all of these will end up in my ebook, Ottoman Beachcomber (which has also been previewed in this blog)....

Food market in Bergama, original:

Bergama market, newly alive:

Divrigi, dawn, almost:

Divrigi, dawn, really:

This is a cool pic. Nancy climbed the minaret of the Uc Serefeli Cami (mosque) in Edirne, and took a picture across town of the Selimiye Cami. First the original long shot:

Here's the Selimiye close-up (cropped from the original):

Now, here's 3 more of the Selimiye, transformed (definitely NOT simply restored):

Way down yonder in southeast Turkey is Mardin, an ancient town high up on the plateau overlooking Syria. Here's the original, a shot of some people (almost) and the Syrian plain in the background:

Now we can see the people, too. HEY, that's me, with some pals!

Finally, a beautiful shot of the Ishak Pasha Saray (palace), which needs little or no attention:

Buuuut... I gave it some attention anyway. Here's 2 new ways to see Ishak Pasha:

Click on any image to zoom it, and/or to see a slide show of all the images in this post.

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