Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mith Will Not Make Us Morrel

Here is another fragment, as I continue to revise Bouk 6 ov The Song ov Elmallahz Kumming. These are the opening stanzas of Mith Will Not Make Us Morrel.

Warevver Elmallah ternd, thare wer throngz.
Behiend him krowdz raezd a mitee din.
Befor him thay rusht, gathereeng in a krush.
Grate lamps and torchez, shaddo and fume.

He touk a deep breth.
Hiz nostrelz bern with the aerz,
Like smoke the oxxajjen choekt him.
The werl infuezd hiz blud.

    “O how mennee ajez sins I knu Yur Prezzens?
    “How mennee jenneratenz tu retern?
    “O, louk at my werk, my eddiffis of Soel
    “Koyeld in kaos; Yur Hows, it bernz.

    “I went ammung them
    “Tu glorraffy Yur Name.
    “I passt thru thaer mist
    “Tu rowz thaer Soelz.

    “The krowdz wake up.
    “Thaer breth kwik and akrid.
    “Frum thaer dreemee deziyerz,
    “Naeshenz, thay stampeed.

    “Frum thaer dreemee vizhenz
    “Mith bekumz rellijjen.
    “Wut ar theze illuzhenz
    “Devolven frum the Trueth?

    “Wut ar theze miths?
    “Katheedralz bilt uppon them.
    “But tennamments for justis,
    “And mersee haz no hoem.”

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