Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring in DC

In DC it's hard to drive anywhere; the traffic's dreadful; the traffic management is worse than dreadful; and the drivers, well, until you've experienced it, you can't imagine the utter state of dysfunction that goes on here. And in spring it's even worse, because every 50 feet there's another remarkable picture of nature at its most wondrous.

Here are a few pictures I've grabbed on the fly, driving thru Rock Creek Park, and elsewhere:

Redbuds in a little park in Takoma Park:

Early spring, Beach Road in RCP, north of the 495:

Taken from the same spot as above, turning a bit to the right:

The following are all from today. This one, in RCP about a mile north of the ranger station, birch leaves unfurling:

Just down the trail from the picture above:

From a little parking area that led to the trail where I took the pix above:

From the same parking area, turning a little to the left:

Another mile up Beach Road I had to stop to capture this:

And as I walked a little trail to take the picture above, I came across this:

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