Monday, February 16, 2015

Mendocino photo journal

Last December Nancy and I traveled thru Northern Cal down to San Francisco, staying in Mendocino along the way. Ahhh. Heavenly Mendo. Rivals Provincetown as the best place in the world (in my little world, anyway).

Here are a few pictures I took. Enjoy.

On the road in Oregon, about 10 miles west from Grants Pass.

Sigh. That North Caly coast. Rain and fog and the thunder of surf.

Our cottage, from the back yard.

Looking out thru the front gate of the cottage. Mid December colors.

A Mendo high rise.

Another one.

Some interesting hardware, reinforcing a house.


A house on Heeser owned by some geezer. Nice yard, eh?

This is my dream house, or a close approximation.

Looking up to Main from the coastal headlands.

Among the shops and houses...

Down to the Mendo Hotel.

Old hippies don't die. They just keep on truckin'.

Now, THIS is a lumber yard!

The coastal headlands. Ocean is off to the right.

From Lansing and Main.

View from Headlands Park, lazing on a sunny afternoon.

That's all fokes.

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