Monday, August 14, 2006

Blessing the first born

In February of 2004, my oldest son returned to Hebrew U. in Jerusalem, amid a veritable downpour of tears. Back home, feeling the waves of sorrow, I decided to go surfing in it, and found this.

Blessen on my Elden Sun

          It is half of such a shekel that must be given
          As an offering to God.
          The rich may not give more,
          And the poor may not give less.
               Exodus 30:13, 15
               Shabbat Sh'kelleem, 5764, 2004

Yu hu ar haf and all ov me,
A singel sell ov me, shatterd,
And made nu. Tumarro, like Ezra
Yu will rize frum my klefs
Tu retern tu yur holee sittee
And yur saekred wayz.

Yu will ty the sheevz ov weets.
May yu be bownd, also, tu an uprite sheef,
Bownd forrevver tu the wun yu alwayz knu
And nevver knu ennuf.

Yu will dreenk frum sweet wellz.
May yur therst be grate, and with hed throen bak
Dreenk long wile shaddoez ar short,
Ammung sajez and students.

Yu will kapcher bewtee and amplafy her.
May yu frame her aggenst an azher horizen.
May yu kno her chaemberz, her goeld kertenz,
A keeper ov her keez.

The expans iz wide that yu will wok.
May mennee ov yur mielz be wokt with yur bruther,
And may yu sip Shabbat wine offen with yur muther,
Yur haf shekkel with mine.

May God prepare such a way for yu.

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