Thursday, August 17, 2006

Concerning the Third Temple

I dreemd I was holding a sheet on which were written suicide notes from Auschwitz. It was on my heart, so heavy. This is all that happened in the dreem, for a long time, altho perhaps there were also scenes of Auschwitz in the background, too. A dreem of hours, of ours.

Can we say Kaddish for these ones too? They are crying out in my Soul. They want to return to the world but they are still in traum.

Befor the Hi Preest Assenden

I askt Rabbi Yosee,
"May I even say my kwesten?"

He sed, "Sho it so yur tents kan be juj."

I ask, "Wen will we rebild the Tempel,
"And ware?"

Then Rabbi Yosee sat me down beneeth a tree
And all the leevs ov the tree wer illume,
Goelden ritingz allong thaer interkut vaenz.
He kwiklee skannd thru the jenome
And az he did, hiz fase reflekten thaer brillyen liets.

"Heer, I will giv yu the Torrah,
"But nex yu must lern its Mishneh.

     "Thare ar being three Tempelz.
     "The Firs the Lor haz laening in yur Soel,
     "Frum its fowndaten tu its kurven rafter roof.

     "The Sekken the Romanz, hu yu liv ammung,
     "Ar wont tu tare down az yu ar bild.
     "This iz the Tempel ov yur Praer-Staet
     "And wen all the Preesthoud iz bilding
     "It kumz tu kompleten.

     "Wen the Praer-Staet Temple iz thronging
     "And the brokade kertenz ov the Ark ar open
     "The werk ov the Therd Tempel iz begin.

     "Az a sine befor yur iyz:
          "How far hav yu led the Naeshenz?
          "Wen yu plase the nex stone
          "The Naeshenz will fall on thaer fasez in aw.
          "Els the stone iz not in plase."

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