Sunday, September 07, 2008

Gottverdammerung, 4

We have now entered the main narrative of Bouk 6 of The Song ov Elmallahz Kumming: in which I explore the experiences of a Jewish woman during the Shoah. But remember, the poem, in its imagery and poetic forms harks back to prior books in this long narrative poem. In the poem below I re-use a poetic form I developed in Bouk 3, Fragmenz ov the Innonna Sikel, to emulate the rhythms in the Sumerian myth of Dumuzi and Innonna.


I had wun lofe.
I gave it tu the Baker.
My braded lofe,
He bernt tu kole.

I loukt in hiz ovven.
I see 100 loevz.
The flaemz lept owt,
And evree loef wuz bernd.

I had wun sun.
I touk him tu a villij.
I left and retern
The villij iz in flaemz.

I had 100 frendz
With sunz in that villij.
The flaemz a riething.
Eech chield in a flame.

I nawd a krust.
It tasten like ashez.
I touk it tu the Baker.
Hiz hart wuz smoke.

I nawd at my hart
In this villij ov ashez.
I kryd owt tu the Maker.
In praerz, in smoke.

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