Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Concerning "Bred" from 9/6/08

On Sept. 6, 2008 I uploaded the poem Bred, from Bouk 6 of The Song ov Elmallahz Kumming. The following poem shows the origins of Bred’s incantatory rhythms.

The poem below, from Bouk 3, Fragmenz ov the Innonna Sikel, attempts to reconstruct the incantational forms found in the Sumerian myth known from the Nin-me-sar-ra text (which I discovered by accident in the University Museum library of the University of Pennsylvania, around 1975). This is one of the earliest examples we have of Sumerian myth. My poem, Fragmenz ovthe Innonna Sikel, does not attempt to rewrite the existing translation. Rather, I use the old text to guide and inspire a new one, one that sounds ancient and recounts ancient themes, but yet is directly connected to our time too.

I. Dumuzeez Derj

O I hav bin a shepperd.
"I fed my floks well.
"O I hav bin the sheep herd.
"My floks ar fat.

"Lamment for me, hu kareed the staff!
"Let yur kole be smeerd
"O muther hu baekt my bred.
"Lamment for me, hu kareed the loevz.
"I had 5 loevz; I had 10 loevz.
"O feeldz, o kannalz, lamment for me!

"Lamment for me hu drove the floks!
"Let yur handz trembel
"O fother hu stoeks the fiyer.
"Lamment for me hu held the seekrets.
"I had 5 forjez. I had 10 forjez.
"O pallassez, o tempelz, lamment for me!

"I broke wun lofe
"And sed the praerz.
"I bilt the doemd and mud brik forjez.
"I broke anuther
"With inkantatenz
"And reveeld the seekrets tu swetting formen.
"But now my uvvenz ar broken koeld,
"And the sordz and plowshaerz ar remoovd frum me!

"Hu iz this hu haz brot such evel?
"Hu iz this that maeks the land lamment?
"Hu iz this that haz broken my idelz
"And layz a sord tu the throet ov my chieldz?

"This iz the werk ov goedless soljerz!
"Theze ar the deedz ov areyanz!

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