Wednesday, October 01, 2008

More on incantational poetry

The incantational form from Bouk 3 of The Song ov Elmallahz Kumming, appears again in Bouk 5, The Fawl ov Helloweez.

Livving in Multapul Moments

O, I hav bin a messijjer;
I travveld varee far.
O, I hav bin a messijjer;
My home beyond the star.

Sing yur mornfull plaents
     Oh Aenjelz in the star ringz.
Let yur kurrij waver
     Oh yu advokats still in hevven.
Chant yur plodding dirjez
     Oh ellemmentel sperets.
I had 5 dimmenshenz, I had 1000 vertasseez.
Oh mennee-boddeed Aenjelz, despaer for me.

The messij wuz my purpos;
The Lor gave the kommand.
Kompelld, I went tu Ertha;
Her Life wuz in my hand.

Sing yur mornfull plaents
     For me hu krosst the border.
Let awl yu kno be douted
     Oh yu hu sing the werlz.
Sing yur dreeree dirjez
     Till yur werdz tern intu dust.
I had a vizhen and 1000 sensez.
Oh Moment ov Bliss, sing owt tu me.

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