Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wheeling and Dealings, part 7 of 7

Wheeling and Dealings

But what struck me most on this trip, beyond the details of personal travel narrative, and the philosophic excursions and spiritual geography, are the personal changes I felt, strange, unexpected, outside the frames of development and psychology I have read, and specifically this: I sat next to my son, not as a father, but as a partner, brother, friend, even a son at times, casting me into a new I, and thrusting him into a new he, and us in a new relationship, distinctly and exotically outside of time and history, I in a sixty year old body that had no sense of the passage of time and its progressively insistent fragility, I with my twenty-five year old son, who for all my love and all our experiences together, was totally new and liberated from any constraints of relative age, from his past, and from our past, as I entered a mystical, 5-geared rolling palace, a time-warp inside a dream world, stripped of its awesome and disorienting otherworldliness, and instead a natural, new reality, appropriate and familiar in all its discontinuity.

And it was evening and it was morning, and I picked up my scriber and took a shabbatlik breath, and I began to serve, to write.

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