Thursday, December 30, 2010

Memories of Jesus

The myth of the Eternal Jew (my Aternen Jew) first appears in literature, to the best of our knowledge, in the 1200’s. Over the next 800 years the myth expanded into a vast range of storylines, but the original tale seems to have been set in Jerusalem, with Jesus on his way to Golgotha.

The following scene is an interview with the Aternen Jew, found in the Jerusalem Post, dated 3796 (according to the Hebrew calendar, or 35 CE according to the Gregorian calendar) (smile). As such, it would be the earliest firm evidence we have of Jesus’ existence. Alas, it is merely my poetry.

The Aternen Jewz Tael

“O, how the spreeng awashen the staenz
“A Jerrusallem in brillyen hewz.
“Kreemee wiets, streekt an brusht
“With okerz and madderz, gilden ejd.
“The aerz all fresh with florrelz and spise,
“Kardammom, lavvender, mer, and lime,
“An the skiez unberden ov thaer charkoel raenz,
“Now dens azherrite and ultra-marreen
“Like the mannueskripten frum Gent and Paree.

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