Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Myth of the Eternal Jew, 8

Superimposed identities is an essential part of human consciousness. Embedded in The Mith ov the Aternen Jew, this is Part IX of a multi-part series exploring the confusion and conflict caused by the porous boundaries of identity.

Heer the seeng the erth an Seel.
The kludz a rumbel, the leev akwake.
Thay wisper an ressel and russel it bak.
The sferen slip, shell within shell.
This wun griend and that wun brake
An porz owt the wind, gust attumbel.
Heer the roer the moen the siy.
A throng a liets in branch and vien,
Twitterren, trillen, the milleyen tweets,
The throetee wissel, the cherp an cheep,
The sunlite shudderz, it spekkellee lienz
In a partakkel wave, a brillyens a bliend.

The Jew he sway az a vessel a waev.
The song an iz erth* in the sprayen a serf.          * utherz say “berth”
That demennee Jew in iz stripen a shawlz
All trembellee reelen the see ov iz God.

All the saelz a Jakob spred owt tu see
Thaer blak-striep linnen praershawlz asway
In the gustee breezen on the praerful tide,
The Lor iz breethen an iz Seel a swell.

Thay bent an twisten tu the goddee stress,
Serchen the koedz for them hidden orderz.
O weeree an lone on errashennel waevz,
Them aenjelz aflownder, thaer weeng spred owt
In the fomee brakerz, thaer iyz aggast.
Hu kan take weeng? Hu mite yet fly?

Ov this, thaer jentil brutherz oenlee see
Theze brood a yidden, all stripee, all flappee,
All wind awwave on thay stormee seez.
Arrivven frum annuther lan or time,
Az if thay rizzen up frum aer grave.
Korrupt ov ling; pollute ov mine.
Louk how em raze aer sattennee shawlz.
Ar foek astutter in a feerful pawl.

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