Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Eternal Jew's Tale, Part 2.1

I have begun Part II of The Atternen Jewz Tael. Part I is the Eternal Jew’s experiences with Jesus and the 4 time travelers who have wandered into Jerusalem and witness Jesus’ crucifixion. I have only posted 2 excerpts from Part I, altho I plan on posting more. However, here is the opening scene of Part II, in which the Jew recounts his wanderings after leaving Jerusalem.

The Aternen Jewz Tael, II

Jezes died an so mennee annuther
Werl redeemer, werl assalen,
Them az haks at the narrellee rooten
An overgroeth, the siklee vien
An poizen vien. But shooten evver
Renu. Tree ov Life it iz

No, the Lor doent keep ar Hevvenz simpel.
That poizennee vien a groethen an kleengen
Tu the Tree a Life. Its part a the sap.

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