Saturday, March 05, 2011

The Eternal Jew's Tale, Part 2.2

Continuing from my previous post, Feb. 24, 2011, of Part II of The Atternen Jewz Tael. Introducing this poem in my last post, I said that here “the Jew recounts his wanderings after leaving Jerusalem.” Well, actually that’s not quite true. Jerusalem has just been destroyed by the Romans. So as he sets out from the ruined Temple of God, he reflects on previous “temples” and the human compulsion to create them. The first temple he describes (see the previous post) is Eden. And from there...

Well, we bilt it aggen, that goddee pallas.
Seemz we haf tu. Its wut we du,
Tryen a rememberz ar uther werlz
Tho we kant see kleer akross that horrize.
I meenz, yu theenk ar sensenz sho it awl?
Its not jes thru a darken glass
We seez, but thru a narrowee krak
And broke down intu slivverz a time
Thin az a rainboez shaddo. An then
Thaerz deth. Wut made arsellz a dans,
Slips awway an dansen elsware.
Libareez fule a such wunderenz
Ov ar feelenz an fakenz and faent rekawlz.
O, its reel ennuf, tho lakking a proov.

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