Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Eternal Jew's Tale, Part 2, current

This excerpt from very recent work on The Mith ov the Atternen Jew is a little ramble on prophetic hearing, and what we can really know of the divine worlds, of the higher dimensions and infinities of what might be termed “Godthought”.

Mith ov the Atternen Jew

But doent immajjen we heeren kleer

An repeeten perfek wut moest a hewmenz
Kant heer at awl. Kant even immajjen.
Thats the kiend a hoggellee tok
That kno-nuttenz say, az if a manz
(Or even a woumen) kan kno an konvay
The divvine leengz. Konsidder this:
The hole a Torrah iz a seengel werden!
Taeks a thowzen yeer and a thowzen eer
In evree lan, awl them aenjel
Interpretten down tu the wiggelz ov the letterz
And even the meenz ov emptee spasen
Tu try tu expressen a seengel God thot.

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