Monday, May 06, 2013

Her Alkemmek Boddee

Moving forward with Bouk 1, the following excerpt, stanzas 7-9, describes some of Elmallah's first impressions of Ertha. Below the poetry is the accompanying image for the book.

Astonnisht, my eyz saw intu her miend
                Beyond her minewt fabrek ov nervz
                That bownd her sensez
                In a dust-brown skin:
        Intu the spektrum
        Ov evree deziyer poring frum her loinz;
        Intu the prizzemz sparkling and pulsing
        With ideyaz arrownd her hed;
        Intu the intermixxing hewz ov need--
        Tenderness, kruwaltee, feer, aggressen--
        Mingelling beneeth her tranzlusent fase,
        Sentering eech in a chamber ov her miend.
                Arrownd her hed the lite
                Like flamez in the wake
                Surrownding a meteyor;
                Within her eyz, like a spray ov sparks
                Poring frum an overstoekt brik kiln.
                Evree thot and ideya
                Adding kuller tu her vizzij
                Az it touk shape in the glume.
                I saw shaddoez por owt ov her vajjina
                Like silveree dolfinz leeping frum the see,
                Like a minnotawr reering in nu fownd freedem
                And shaking hiz fureyus hed.


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