Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My new website

Josh and Cal, my two sons and pillars of support, built a new website for me: www.steveberer.com. What an astonishing surprise. It is not fully populated, but in the next month we should be adding much more content, so check it regularly. It will supplant, over time, my long-enduring website www.shivvetee.com. Much more modern in look and feel, and more efficient in use, I think you'll really like navigating it as you explore my work.

Thanks Josh! Thanks Cal!

Here are a couple of images from the new site:
In the late 70's I rebound my worn, one volume paperback edition of Blake's Complete Works. I turned it into 2 volumes, with embossed leather spines and cover papers made from linoleum cuts put on a roller. You can see the roller system I designed, below:

 Here are a few rollers I cut, altho the Blake roller is not shown. It was much larger. I'd apply multiple colors (acrylic) to the roller, letting the pressure from rolling mix and spread the paint, creating a different effect with every roll:

Finally, here's Josh and me working with a group of students doing a little binding project. A small collection of pigments, art supplies, and tools is in the foreground:

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