Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Image for Song ov Elmallahz Kumming, Bouk 3

I'm creating the images for the third ebook in the Song ov Elmallah series. The 2 alternative (but still incomplete) images below are meant to accompany the following verses:

Then Dumuzee fled tu the dichez ov Arrollee
Tu the baren kuntree ware the winter fludz gowj,
Az the liyon-hedded areyanz dessended on thaer rafts.
Frum the rivver thay roze tu hiz hows and hiz wife,
Tu hiz sister-wife hu waz hottee and prowd.
In thaer jawz thay touk her [Innonna]
And tosst thaer hedz,
Then dragd her thru the street
And roerd:
     “Giv us Dumuzee!”
     “Giv us the wun hu haz 1 lofe,
     “Hu haz 2 loevz, giv us him!”

These 2 images differ only in the shading of Innonna's face. I'm wondering which you prefer. Email me, or use the comment function at the bottom of this post. Thanx.

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