Monday, November 24, 2014

Some recent building projects, 2

After Sukkot we decided to renovate the living room. We guessed that it was once a stand-alone garage. I suppose it was a nice enough room on the inside. The gas fireplace made it a great place to write on cold winter days. But from outside, the flat roof was ugly, and it had a couple of places where water pooled. That's nothing but trouble. 

Exterior view of living room entrance. Note the planter with 3 boxwoods, and the lovely metal door. Feh!
The flat roof and sloppy gutter.
So I sketched out a design that would have minimal impact. Note in the photoshopped picture below how the peak of the sloped roof just comes up to the bedroom window, which we didn't want to replace.

Design rough-out. Ultimately, I dispensed with the hipped roof, as you'll see.
I hired Josue Benitez to remove the old roof and frame out the new one. His 2 guys made short work of it!

Out with the old! Oh oh. Rain forecast for the next day. And rain it did, but tarps saved the day.

The new roof framed in, and the drywall nearly complete.

New front door, another treasure from Community Forklift.

Now it's time for me to get to work. First ugly job: 2 layers of 2" thick R-Max, cut precisely, to fit super tight between the rafters. Insulation value: about R30-34, with no deterioration over time (unlike fiberglass).

Insulation done. It was a back-breaker.

Now, on to the ceiling paneling. I found a guy selling 10' lengths of t&g beaded poplar. Perfect! The room is 9'6" wide. 52 boards for $240. I finished the poplar with Flood CWF, cedar tone.

The finished ceiling. Pictures and curtains hung, & light fixture installed.

New entrance to a new living room, with Zoey inside.

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