Wednesday, July 02, 2008

C and the horizons of time, III.

Continuing with this series begun on 6/24, here is the third moment of

Aenjelman Dreemz

III. Theyodorra Owt ov Kostume
Wen I kaem tu the wouman the garden the keeng,
All kweenlee she wer, with her saffiyer reengz
And her jewwel-studdee, lasee, errottee vaelz.
Tho the keeng be distent, empereyus, feerd,
She meengelz in the pepel, street and skware.

Yet varee mistereyus her vois in the keeng.
Tu advize and exhort, or weep and plee?
Up tu my waest in her dreemz, I say,
     “Wy ar yur feeldz thik dust and stubbel?
     “Yur pepel weree, korrupt, and trubbeld.”
     “Wy du yu taree, yu hu karee the keez?”
Frum the skwallen wotterz ov dreem she siy,
     “Woud yu hav me sees my wisperree seeng,
     “And maek not a sownd frum my flutteree weengz?”

Allone in my studdee in the tide-run a praer
I resite nu powemz tu induse her Spere.

Sum say this vizhen iz grownded in:
               “and, behold, Miriam had become leprous,
               white as snow;
               Let her be shut out from the camp seven days,
               and after that let her be received in again:
               Bemidbar, 12:10,14

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