Sunday, July 20, 2008

Carried upon Eagle's Wings

Continuing with Ben Azziy's latest adventures in Pardaes, the higher worlds. He and his 3 chevruta partners are attempting to unlock the passageways to direct access to Pardaes. In Part 1 he tumbles out of the sky...

Ben Azzai Fallz Frum the Egelz Nest, II.
               And you shall say to them:
               ‘Shall they fall and not rise?’
                    Yermeyahu 8:4

Last nite, behoeld! Uddoniy relees me frum thoze tallenz
The grippee, kleengee, stickkee streengz, the Addom,
Hu luerz me in hiz kwest for erthee knowen.
     So saverree the wouman frute,
          The rownden, blushee, charee brests,
               The kerlee haer, the darken chantee iyz
               In all thaer deepen dizzee deths.
                    The snakee entiesmen,
               On and on;
          A liebraree a storeez
     Abbowt theze erthee boddeez and nekterree fruets.

But az I say, last nite releest.
A wonder in the pallas and its mazee thotwaez.
I wuz stept intu a passij;
Then a sens ov gaspee rizen. Like I say, releest.
Sumtheeng fell awway, I kno not wut, nor ware it iz.
But I am here, a song within a hartbeet
In the interweev a tiedz ammung a thowzen seez.
A vast, o serj, unnutterreenglee werd,
The all and nutheengness ov Godseeng, saeng, unsung.

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