Sunday, October 17, 2010

Forbidden Fruit

Written on Shabbat Lekh Lekha, in which Abram hears the call, 'Go Forth! Go Into Yourself!'

For Bidden and For Givven Frute

Az Addom and Khuvva* truj owt ov Eden
                              * “Khuvva”: the actual Hebrew for “Eve”
In all thaer shok an bitter sorro,
Khuvva she say, iyz down uppon her ertha,
          “I havven no regret for that wun taesten,
          “An woud du enneetheeng tu hav annuther.”
Then ternz he, Addom, an grunten laff.
          “We will fienden that tree, serten heer,
          “And du ar evvolueshenz* beneeth it.”
                              * Others say, “ablueshenz”

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