Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Song ov Elmallahz Kumming, seen 6

As I mentioned in my post of 10/22, this is the opening scene of Bouk 6, Gottverdammerung, of The Song of Elmallahz Kumming.

Fragmenz ov the Rivka Sikel
     Ertha by the Side ov the Rode

Az if the twilite had not yet begun.
Thare on a hill ware the fool moon hung
Liefless and koeld in a parcht blak awlder,
She lay kerld up, her owtlienz obskure.
                    Az if the sunrize had not yet begun... -- Levvel 1:1

Like wisps ov smoke frum a smoeldering fiyer,
Gray and loopee in kaerless koyelz
Thay rize thru the charkoel awlder branchez,
Wile kriez faentlee tumbel down thru the hillz.

Az if it wer eevning and the faent kry ov loonz,
Made faenter by distant thunderz that shrowd
The marshland and peers the aer with terrerz;
So her kryz wer vage, misteereyus, raw.

     Az if a chield emerjen frum a hows
     In flaemz, moenz ov the dying behiend her,
     A straenjer laez a babee in her armz,
     And sez tu her, “Take this and run for help.”

Az if just annuther bereevd wouman
Beside a kart-path weeping allone;
But in that deseptivlee mundane snapshot
     A werl ov unnerthlee impressenz swerld,
     Driven this apparentlee hoemless wouman
     Beyond the borderz ov her feer.
                    Her mind holds an unrevealed focus
                    in spite of her great anxiety.
                    But what has she to fear?
                    – Comment

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