Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Son Reunited tu Hiz Fater

About 30 years ago I did a painting entitled The Son Reunited tu Hiz Fater. I gave it to my parents, and it hung in their house all those years until my dad died a year ago. It's now in my son Josh's house. It never occurred to me to photograph it until this morning. Josh just emailed me the image.

The painting doesn't hold together as a whole, but it has some interesting details. Here's one. It's a field of gold leaf work with a spiral etched into it, and a portrait in the center, done in acrylics. From the lower right issues an energy field in gold leaf and acrylic. From the middle right the first letters of the painting's title, in reverse gold leaf calligraphy, can be made out.

This whole detail is about 3 inches square in the original painting.

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