Monday, October 07, 2013

A few of my favorite things from Sicily, unshopped

I took hundreds of pics while in Sicily, a few of which are memorable, at least to me. Here a few of the few: street scenes, architecture, a person or two. Enjoy! In some browsers, if you click on a pic, it will pop you into a slideshow with enlarged images.

Notice how his left arm (to your right) is coming alive with color. Catania, off the Duomo square.

She was soliciting tourists for pocket change. Gave her a euro, then stole this. Catania.

Catania, Roman theater, entrance.

Marzipan. Pretty package inside and out.

Catania, walking from the Duomo to Fred 2's castle (Castello Ursino).

Catania. A patch of yellow.

Palermo. The Gesu, the church at the end of our street.

The Gesu from the Ballaro street market.

The texture and sheen of stone.

From our apartment window in Palermo, night.

Palermo kiosk.

Palermo, on the waterfront. A touch of color.

Palermo. Entrance to the Capella Palatina.

Inside the Capella.

From a catwalk on the roof of the cathedral at Monreale.

Turned a corner in an alley in Monreale, and this, at dusk.

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