Friday, October 11, 2013

A few of my favorite things from Sicily, shopped-up a bit

Of the hundreds of photos I took, here are a few of my faves enhanced or otherwise modified. Enjoy! In some browsers, if you click on a pic, it will pop you into a slideshow with enlarged images.

Farmhouse, seen from the bus on the way to Catania. Quite distant, I had to blow it up and then enhance it.

Entrance to a courtyard off the Via Etnea, Catania. That's Nancy on the right.

Fish market, Catania.

Palermo. From the balcony of our apartment, as we imagined it. A more literal version can be found in my previous Sicily post.

Paul. Righteous indignation, or just pissed off? Oh, right; this was a statue at one of the entrances to the main cathedral of Palermo.

I love looking in workshops and little factories. This was a key-maker's shop, just down the street from our apartment in Palermo.

In my last Sicily post I showed the unshopped version of this, the entrance to the Capella Palatina. I like this version more! HA!

A screened doorway in the Capella Palatina.

Monreale, as it might be sketched or watercolored.

Sitting in our apartment eating dinner as the sun set, the sky outside was an ethereal blue. I tried to capture it. Well the unshopped pic was pretty dull, but this restores the impression fairly effectively.
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