Wednesday, November 19, 2008

new work for Pardaes Dokkumen, 4

Continuing with the stevespell version of the poem of 11/10/08, which I have renamed I. A Frakten Targoum in Owwer Divvine Korten, and which I have translated into 2 normspell versions on 11/11 and 11/12, this:

II. Juj Men in the Divvine Korten

In thaer hevvenz the Proffets ov the Aenshent Day
Obzerven the werlz that thay ar be ster.

Moesheh and hiz sanhedrin ov dessipelz sit;
Thay, the hewman jenome ov Uddoniy.
Frum Yehhoeshuwa and Shmuwel tu Ezra and Mallakhee
This korten diktate in the pepel Yisroyel.*
               * utherz say “Yesherrun”
All trembelz, the pepel try tu obay
But thaer Messiya Seel so nebbulen a wisp,
And Ertha so brash. Wut kan thay heer?
Exsept Yisroyel be yewnaffiyd
The rebbellen werl will exteengwish thaer Werd.

And thoze hu brake raenk, Yesh and Muhom:

Yeshuwa, hiz lone and chantee vois
Telling abstrak taelz in a langwij unknone.
But hiz minyenz immajjin hiz werd iz kleer,
That he speek in a ling that korrespon tu heer.
Owt thay trampen in a stampeed herd
And behiend them, hu kan beleev a werd?

And up in hiz plase sits the Proffet Muhommad
Ash on hiz hed and a terrabbel moen.
So perverten hiz wizdem the haetfill immom.
     “My bouk iz now a breeder ov slum.
     “My gran dezine iz a worren a hate.
     “But now I See the evel a jeehod,
     “And the dimma so dim and korrupt a law.
     “Behoeld! I sot for the relm a pees
     “And see it iz ware Izlom haz no reech.
     “And Izlom itself be the Dar el Herd.
     “Fals and unfaethfill my rath ov werd.
And Mohommed iz tern hiz bak on the Seelz
That he iz kallen forth, till brake he thaer will.
Thaer worken he innerseed that it fael.

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