Monday, November 10, 2008

new work for Pardaes Dokkumen

I have been counseled for many years now, that I ought not to write in altered English (stevespell), or that I ought to at least include a translation into normal English (normspell). This latter advice, recently repeated, I am now trying. Thank you David.

What follows is part of a work in progress called The Pardaes Dokkumen. “Pardaes” is a kabbalistic term with multiple meanings, including: “paradise,” “the garden of Eden,” and the 4 levels of spiritual consciousness. Today I am uploading the stevespell version of the poem, entitled Tranzskripten the Divvine Kort. It is still pretty raw, indeed only a few days old. In subsequent days I will upload 2 normspell translations that converge and diverge as the poem winds its wandering way. You can compare the 3 versions and decide for yourself about their worth.

I. Tranzskripten the Divvine Kort

Frum hevvenz the Seelz ov thoze awwaten
The grate Tekoun*, prepare themsellz          * Repair/Redemption
In praerz a meddattatenz. Then wen kerrij arrize,
Thay make ulleya* tu the Throenz ov Lor.          * a spiritual ascent
Prezent thay evvaddens ov thaer klaratteez,
     “I am reddee tu dessend and instill Hem willz.”

The Seelz hu woud liv az a Jew deklare,
     “I am az Messiya. All my will tu redeem...”
And thus dessend thay, and but 8 dayz thare
Kry owt tu thaer Parenz, “serkumsize, serkumsize,
     “For this iz the ferst riten ov Messiya.”
O thaer sadness and sarroez az thay konfront the marbel wallz
Ov this inflexxen jenome, this boddee a Seel.

And thoze Seel that woud be Kristyen, kry thay owt,
     “I take uppon mysellz the yoken ov Lor
     “Tu see the hevvenz in erthaz sway.”
Ah, thaer teeren and all thaer forgettenz
Wen thay klap on the fetterz ov Erthaz kontra diktenz.

And thoze Seelz tu be Muzlim, thay kry owt,
     “Send me down tu the worren ov speerz,
     “Tu the slummen Ertha, harlot and thug.
     “Thare tu enforser kompashen and pees.”
Promplee abbanden thay prommis tu the Lor,
But revvel in the worren, anger and kruel.

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