Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Yoma, 4, complete

This brief but challenging poem is a highly superimposed text layering the nature of consciousness, quantum mechanical images, the theology of Yom Kippur, and the core liturgy for the morning of Yom Kippur (in italics).
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Now the Yoma* uv hevvennee assents;
                                                * that iz, Yoem Kepoor;
                                                   name uv traktate in Tawlmid on the toppek
                 Barruekh sheh’ummar, Bles Hem (hu speken the werlz)...
Beyonden ar Addom an the driven ergz,
Tu the gaten a liv an deth, the same.

                 Sellakh lahgoy kuddoesh, Forgiv the holee naeshen...
Under thots an tulleets*, wavee in tents,

                                                 * during standing praerz wun draeps a larj
                                                    praer shawl over the hed; see Jacob
                                                    Kramer’s paenting ‘Day of Atonement’
                 Uddoniy, seffuttiy teeftukh, 
                O Lor, open my lips (tu deklaer Yur praez)...
Faesles, stript ov ar boddee a pride,
Thaer we stanz befor ar Lor.
                 Ushumnu, We hav kum tu gilt...
Hem expresshen ar dayz that we kan a volv.
Tu kwannaffy us on a waverree skael.
                 Ul khaet shekhuttunnu, 
                For the sin uv ar sinnenz... 
The mappen uv Hem an the mappen uv us:
The differrenshelz, thay ar the skael.

                 Hahyoem yekkuttaev, 
                Tuday, ar inskrieb (in liven deth)... 
Us, an enfoeld uv this limmennel werl
Uppon ar Addom at the ej uv the C*.
                                                 * eka d’omray: ej uv the See

                 Nuh’arreetzekhah, We ar addor uv Yu...
Liken hi preesten we stan in this ej
In ar kotten kittelz* an a shrowd a deth,
                                                 * robe/shrowd,
                                                   sumtiemz worn on Yoem Kepoor 
Unferrellen faeth intu Addomz tume*.
                                                 * eka d’omray: tumah, impyurattee
                 Zukhoer lunnu, Rememmer us... 
I faenlee see frinjen lite in the wawlz,
Slivverren Adenz* a pulsen my selz,
                                                 * Edenz 
Refazen my thots. How thin we ar!
                 Kee unnu ummekhah, For we, Yur pepelz... 
Az klose tu God az a seengerz* breth
                                                 * eka d’omray: feengerz 
An az far awway, an the Lor iz vast!

                 Ul khaet shekhuttunnu, 
                For the sin uv ar sinnenz... 
Ware we be hoelden ar tumah seel,
Thaer we unfoelden ar lumen weengz
Tu span the turbolen skaelz uv us.

                Uvvenu Mawlkanu, ar Fother, ar Keeng 
An now we ar reddee tu enter the Ark
That speken the Vois that spoken the werlz.
Momenten ajez, a skroel intu wun
Az this long morneeng iz neerlee dun.

eka d’omray”: this is a Talmudic term meaning “others say”, reflecting a disagreement among the sages, or a discrepancy in how texts or events are remembered. I use it to maintain alternative readings, and to amplify meanings.

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