Thursday, August 22, 2013

Yoma, stripped of notes and liturgy

In the previous 4 posts I presented the evolution of a poem, Yoma, from its first sketches to a "finished" expression (well, no poem is finished, but work may have ended on it). 

The last stage of the poem includes various embedded notes and Yom Kippur liturgy, which may significantly expand and enrich the vision of it, but at the same time, significantly complicates the reading. This is already a hard poem, 
1. written using the latest developments in Stevetok-metaEnglish, 
2. highly superimposed, and 
3. describing the esoteric-essential experience of Yom Kippur, that is, the experience of elevating oneself into the higher dimensions of reality, where the Divine stands at the edge of manifestation, so that one may see and judge oneself with the highest level of accuracy and honesty.

This is not easy listening.

So, here is the poem, stripped of its notes and liturgy. This is how it will first appear in The Atternen Juez Talen. It will appear again, later, edited, with notes and liturgy. In the version below, I leave in all the asterisks, showing where I have stripped out notes. You may want to refer to the complete version, after you've regained your balance in the poem's rarefied air, to see the notes, which I think add important information, especially the eka d'omray's. To that end, here's a link to the complete version:
Complete Version
and here's a link to the first Yoma post, with the original version, and more explanatory material, including what "eka d'omray" means.
Original Yoma Post


Now the Yoma* uv hevvennee assents;
Beyonden ar Addom an the driven ergz,
Tu the gaten a liv an deth, the same.

Under thots an tulleets*, wavee in tents,
Faesles, stript ov ar boddee a pride,
Thaer we stanz befor ar Lor.
Hem expresshen ar dayz that we kan a volv,
Tu kwannaffy us on a waverree skael.
The mappen uv Hem an the mappen uv us:
The differrenshelz, thay ar the skael.

Us, an enfoeld uv this limmennel werl
Uppon ar Addom at the ej uv the C*.

Liken hi preesten we stan in this ej
In ar kotten kittelz* an a shrowd a deth,
Unferrellen faeth intu Addomz tume*.
I faenlee see frinjen lite in the wawlz,
Slivverren Adenz* a pulsen my selz,
Refazen my thots. How thin we ar!
Az klose tu God az a seengerz* breth
An az far awway, an the Lor iz vast!

Ware we be hoelden ar tumah seel,
Thaer we unfoelden ar lumen weengz
Tu span the turbolen skaelz uv us.
An now we ar reddee tu enter the Ark
That speken the Vois that spoken the werlz.
Momenten ajez, a skroel intu wun
Az this long morneeng iz neerlee dun.

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