Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bouk 3 of The Song ov Elmallahz Kumming is a re-writing of a lesser known Sumerian myth – Inana’s descent into the underworld to revive her husband Dumuzi. Her descent parallel’s Elmallah’s descent into human life. The excerpt below is an interlude, in which the perspective has changed from Inana’s and Dumuzi’s to that of the invading barbarians.

The Areyan Kame Down Like a Woolf On the Foeld

We ar the woolvz
Kum down frum the mowntenz.
We ar the men
Hu kareed off yur goedz.

We kame tu devower
The goddess, the hor,
Innonna, the wun huze legz ar spred,
Innonna-Ishtar hu enlivenz the werldz.

Her we kame tu pozzess, tu maree.
Her we plaest uppon the throne.
Her we kareed uppon owr shoelderz.
Innonna, the hor,
The muther divvine.

We loukt up tu Innonna,
     We hu wer lost,
     Hu wer livving in a waest,
Tu her hu iz Wilfull
     Az the liyon
     Az the ass;
Huze miend pennatraets
     Like the wind
     Like the flud;
We saw how unlike she wuz tu us
And koud not take owr eyz frum her boddee.

We saw how unlike she wuz tu us
And we ternd owr harts tu konker.

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