Thursday, July 27, 2006

Silens, you sperets!

Moving forward to Bouk 5 of The Song ov Elmallahz Kumming, we move into the strangely modern world of the medieval French lovers, Heloise and Abelard. I’ll assume you know their story, but if you don’t, you can find a summary on Wikipedia, and elsewhere. Here, years after their separation, Heloise is abbess of the Paraclete convent. The setting is late at night, and Heloise struggles with her undiminished sense of loss.

Make Me Aggen Yur Hor

In the abbessez chappel the gargoyelz gather.

How mennee tiemz hav thaer howlz ekkoed;
The aer kut appart with peersing glaerz?
"Silens, yu sperets! Iz thare nun amung yu
"Kan tern yur attent tu a singel sors?"

In the chappel the gargoyelz join narrellee handz.

The wide-eyd, the glowwering, the spietfull wunz
With kroukked grinz and leering eyz,
Beerded, goet-hornd, elf-eerd, and toothless
Thay join and begin tu chant and tu sirkel.

In the chappel a gargoyel leeps owt at the abbess.

Wide-eyd and glowwering, she yanks bak her hand,
But the brash little demen gliedz up agenst her
And wisperz in her eer, "Will you withhoeld yur luv
"Frum me, yur oenlee, yur beluvved Abballar?"

In the abbessez hart, led ternz tu goeld.

Him huze prezzens wuz eerevokablee remuevd;
Huze orgazmek tuch had bin seeld frum her thots,
Az annuther Eden had also bin forbidden;
Thoze flaming sordz lifted and her pashen broke forth.

In the abbessez chappel the chanting groez feverd.

The gargoyelz now ar awl wield with deziyer
For the abbess, thaer luvver, the unfrokt Helloweez.
"Empress," thay showt, "Dans for yur proffets!
"Goddess! Spred owt yur hevvenz for us!

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