Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Opening Bouk 4 of The Song ov Elmallahz Kumming, Elmallah, the angel of God laments at the transformations he must lead Ertha thru...

Elmallahz Lamment
               A lament in the ancient form

O I hav bin an Aenjel.
"I led my flok well.
"O I wuz wuns a Messijjer.
"My path wuz strait.

"Lamment for me hu touk a wife!
"Let yur thots swerl,
"O bruther hu held my ring.
"Lamment for me hu luvd my wife,
"Wun nite and a thowzend niets.
"O seez, o sands, lamment for me!

"Lamment for me hu krost the see!
"Let yur hart pittee,
"O fother hu gave me kurrij.
"Lamment for me hu left hiz wife,
"Wun day, and a thowzend dayz.
"O Aenjelz, O pepel, lamment for me!

"I lept frum land
"And sed the praerz.
"I went tu Ertha in her nakedness.

"I lept aggen, Uddoni Ekhud*,
               * Transliteration of Hebrew: "The Lord is One,"
"And kawld Ertha frum the edj ov land.
"But now she iz plunjd in the wotter
"And her lips and kerressez ar remoovd frum me!

"Hu am I tu bring such aengwish?
"Hu am I tu test her faeth?
"Hu am I tu brake her idelz
"And kut the tiez tu her chieldhood wayz?

"This iz the werk ov the Aenjel ov Gode.
"It iz I hu maeks the land lamment!"

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