Thursday, July 13, 2006

Continuing with excerpts from The Song ov Elmallahz Kumming.
So Elmallah, a messenger from higher worlds, descends to Ertha. Boy meets girl. Bouk 1 is their first night together. But remember, we’re not talking human time here. Below is the beginning of Bouk 2, and Elmallah is reeling from two new experiences: sex and death...

...Befor owr ferst nite had ended
And Sol had reternd with its glowwer
Tu owr eyz, and its seer
Tu dry up owr remaning pashen;
Befor my deziyer had bin sated,
Deziyer ov wun hu wuz nevver with wouman,
Ov wun hu had nevver felt the fors ov owr Lor
Shudder like a snake devowering an owlet,
Like an owlet being devowerd;
Ov wun hu had nevver befor seen deth.

Befor I had seen the endz ov my luv
And the fewcher chaenjez that I wuz impregnen,
I left Erthaz pallas
Tu pray tu owr Lor
And wen I reternd she wuz gon.

I wil not sing ov separaten.
No, not ov sorro eether!
Let me tel yu how I luvd her,
Tel yu how it wuz between us.
In this way, perhaps, I kan sho yu
Wy it wuz I kame here....

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