Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Here’s a colorful excerpt from Bouk 3 of The Song ov Elmallahz Kumming. Concerning my spelling (stevespell) be careful to note differences in spellings, like “dekreez” and “dekrees” as they represent differences in pronunciation. But of course, in stevespell, the borders between words are intended to be fuzzy, and highly superimposed. I am less concerned with historical etymologies than with the tangential etymologies created by what a word looks and sounds like, and by its contextual shadows.

Innonna Prepaerz Herself an Idel

Ritten the storee
Ov my huzbandz demize,
Him hu klaemd immorten knowen
And iz ded and awl hiz tablets ar krak.
     Like powder, like poizen
     Thay blo in the wind,
     And men breeth it
     And choke blud.
Him! Hu wuns made grate dekreez.
Now the pepel ar bent
     With the wate, like oxxen
And awl the land sufferz grate dekrees.

Oenlee this tu tel: wen,
     In my armz he lay
     And he wuz enlarjd,
     Awl the annallogz ov my luv
     Swam in hiz vaenz, awl the goedz
     Shot forth taelz frum thaer mowthz.
     Then I knu wut luv wuz!

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