Saturday, July 29, 2006

Disproportionate Use of Force

Israel is now engaged in a war with Hezbollah, a war that will be known as “the war of the captives.” The Israeli response to the killing of 3 soldiers and kidnaping of 2 others from Israeli soil is criticized for being disproportionate. “Disproportionate” is a term describing a state of unbalance and inequality between two entities or forces. So let us look at the unbalances and inequalities here.

1. The first and primary disproportion is the unrestrained and shameless hatred expressed by Hezbollah, Hamas, Iran, Syria and untold numbers of millions of Arabs and Iranians for Israel. Unrestrained and shameless hatred with the expressed desire and the utter lack of conscience necessary to commit genocide against the Jews of Israel.

2. The second disproportion is Hezbollah’s status as an illegal militia that has usurped a place within a country too weak to dismantle it and jail its leaders.

3. The third disproportion is Hezbollah’s unconscionable and illegal use of human shields to protect its terrorists, their leaders, weapons, and equipment.

4. And finally, the fourth disproportion is population: 160+ million Arabs and Iranians confronting 5 million Jewish Israelis.

Those people and governments demanding “proportion” from Israel, don’t want to look at the context of extreme disproportion in the Middle east, a disproportion overwhelmingly balanced against Israel and its right to exist in peace, security, and with equality to all other nations.

In the following days I will expand on each of these points.

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