Sunday, July 09, 2006

Here are 2 excerpts from Book 3 of In the Harvest ov Nations, panoramas of the Nu Wirld, its beauty and resurgent life. They will be the last excerpts from this poem, at least for a while. My next posts will be from a poem in 6 books, The Song ov Elmallahz Kumming.

Book 3: Nu Wirld

Our fothers lernd Erthas trust, and our muthers
Her lov az thay made assent tu the Mouth.
This outcast tribe, wunse straggling and motly,
Strode with purpos thru the chartless wood.

Wen thay reechd the Mouth ov the Serpent, thair mines
Swum in the dizzying hites and the vista
Ov sno-peekd mountens and steep verdent vallys
And pristene stillness. Thay forgot Old Wirld.

Thus the Life that we kno so well
Began. A lifetime ago Shaliyim
Waz dreem; and now thoze pryor ajes
Ar all forgot, save the Terrer and Oath.

Immajjin a forrest ware no sound iz herd
But human sounds; no birds twittering,
No small creeturs russling, no crickets chirping,
No mating calls; mankine so feerd.

Immajjin the rugged and deseptiv terrain,
The tangel and brambel and impassabel marsh,
The cleff-trails that fall off a thouzend feet,
Or the ded-end canyens and passes. Then compare.

We now liv neer Eldern, we liv with Hope
Tho our lives ar tennuous and our labers hard.
In Erthas compassion, at peese with all creeturs,
In expansiv spases, our Life iz glad.

Book 3: Nu Wirld, excerpt 2

Further on, Diahmels Clan strew out
Like a handfull ov seed az our famly crossd
Thair rejens, pennetrating deeper the verjen
Lands, our wife, our muther, our childe.

We kno thair lands, thair mines in Erthas
Mines, by the underground houses, dug
In north fasing slopes, with that wall tilted
And projekting tu abzorb the rays ov Sol.

Ammathist, mettallek sheening sheets
Ov glass glint in the terrassd contors
Ov the slopes, dazzelling the travveler. Thay gather
Thair glass ware sands wer melted by the Fire.

Wen our parents first discovverd thoze endless
Foothills, yung goats frollickd, hares
And rens teemd, feerless ov mankine.
The innosent vallys dident care ov our past.

Years and ajes befor, a killer,
A rapist stalkd in Ertha, in boddys
And mines littel difrent than ours. Now the beest
Lay qwyet and the forgivving land lay open.

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